Biyernes, Agosto 25, 2017

Wedding Belles

Whenever I hear wedding bells ring, I am actually more excited with planning what to wear rather than being happy for the couple. Just kidding! But admit it; it’s such a party conceptualizing an outfit especially now that weddings have outgrown the traditional way. More and more couples tend to go for extraordinary themes or motif. 

In the sunny Philippines, a lot of couples have a beach wedding theme. Since we are a tropical country, we have beaches everywhere, making it convenient for couples when looking for the perfect date and location. Whenever I hear of a beach theme wedding,  I always picture an altar at the seashore, rows of chairs with sand as the floor, a beautiful sunset as a view, overflowing flowers on each aisle, the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves as the background. I always consider a lot of factors choosing an outfit.

First is the occasion, location, time of the day, theme or motif, etc. I make sure to breakdown the factors of it, then adding up the level of comfort to finish every single look. I learned my lesson that you should never sacrifice comfort over fashion, okay, maybe just a little but make sure it’s worth the sacrifice. I haven't gone to a beach wedding yet but I always have a picture what to wear to one. I always imagine wearing a maxi dress or skirt and top combo in a light and breezy material, minimal accessorizing, and a really comfy pair of flats or sandals. My summer color palettes is composed of pastel colors and incorporating it with floral print. I actually made sets from my polyvore account to attend a beach wedding. I have five summer wedding guest sets. 

A corset top, a maxi skirt, a sun hat and pair of comfy open flats equates my first set. For an outdoor set up, I added a really nice sun hat to protect my face from getting all burned. Also, finishing the outfit with a light envelope bag and an espadrille sandals. I always go for top and maxi skirt combo for times like I need to look casual and formal at the same time. 

An off shoulder top, a color blocked midi skirt, a sling bag, a scarf as a choker and a pair of sneakers in glitters. This set is for the ladies who are not comfortable with wearing floor length skirts and wearing heels. Another option is the midi skirt. But this set is more for a summer wedding indoors. I added a scarf as an accessory for the purpose that if it gets chilly indoors you could use it as a covering. The sneakers is optional but I have this fascination for dress up sneakers like this pair filled with glitters.  

summer indoor wedding

summer indoor wedding by genbibandi featuring red skirts

A mullet dress, envelope bag, gladiator sandals, a bangle and a sun hat is my third set. This set is for the ladies who don't want to bother pairing tops and bottoms, a no brainer actually, a floral dress is the key. The cut of the dress is a mullet bottom and cold shoulder top. I would love to pair this dress with a nice and simple gladiator sandals since it will show a part of your legs. Also, added a few more key piece accessories which is the gold floral bangle, a hologram envelope bag and a sun hat. This key pieces will serve its purpose as the cherry on top of the outfit. 

A nice pair of trousers, a frilled top matching with a pair of same tone of wedges, a shawl vest, rock star sunglasses, and a bucket bag in straw is my fourth set. This set is more of earth tones making it light and cool. I added the vest if in case the sea breeze gets colder. I more and more enjoy styling with trousers since it is quite a convenient for ladies in a location where you can't be sure of the predictable weather.

sleek summer wedding

sleek summer wedding by genbibandi featuring Alexander Wang

My fifth set is different. I made this for my forever wedding date, my husband. I picked something really basic. His style is more of clean and sleek. He likes to keep everything simple. I picked a charcoal grey shirt. If to be worn in the outdoors, I would fold it for him for it to become a quarter sleeve. As for the pants, I chose something darker than khaki. I also chose something with a quirky embroidered design. I also added a nice and simple brown leather belt for it to be look put together. A pair of slip on sneakers for him to be comfortable at all times, and a pair of sunglasses because his fond of wearing them. I only made one set for the men since this style may be converted from outdoors to indoors location. 

Wedding Date

Wedding Date by genbibandi featuring mens belts

In choosing what to wear to an occasion, I hope you guys would remember to wear something you are comfortable with since this type of gatherings takes hours to be done and a time to enjoy the memory to be shared with the couples.

I had so much fun sharing my mood board for beach weddings. I hope my little sharing of converting styles from indoors to outdoors helped you guys out in choosing your next ootd for a wedding. 

Hoping to make another style tips post like this. 

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did.
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Love, AnDi xx

Linggo, Hulyo 30, 2017


It has been quite a while since my last entry. I thank my daughter for having her usual afternoon nap to compose one. Words could not explain nor express how happy I am right now with my life.  Marriage, motherhood, is just a few new chapters of my life I’ve recently opened. It took me months before I realized that the blogging world has no such thing as civil status requirement, age bracket, thus, has no limits.

Every single day makes me feel inspired, writing about anything I see under the sun. There was once when I almost made a post about the fish I just saw at the  market holding on for its dear life, or about the ants that suddenly stop whenever I take a closer look at them, or about random things I encounter in my everyday life. It actually made sense how a change of lifestyle makes you more curious about things, particular about small details, and a lot more. It was timely that I was able to take a snap of my ootd last weekend with this post of mine.

Ever since that I have been a mom and a wife, I tend to hold back when choosing my outfit for the day. Besides from dressing appropriately for the occasion and weather, I had to consider much more things like, if my daughter would be comfortable while I carry her, or if I could last long while holding her, or all motherly panic reasons I could think of,  thus making me feel safe with my choices. I stopped wearing short bandage skirts or anything too fit (except skinny jeans) for me since I’m not that comfy with them anymore. I also have the fear of wearing crop tops since my tummy haven’t been the same flat tummy I had pre-preggy shape. So, my usual are now loose top and jeans. But I had this new fascination for skinny slacks or straight cut pants and culottes. 

Top: CaLee Shop, Shoes: Sheshe

I went for a laidback mom look, a skinny sort of harem pants in crimson red paired with a sleeveless lace top in navy blue. Also, I added these floral embroidered sneaks to finish my look. We had a small fam gathering for our Popsi’s  birthday when I wore this.

I can't hide the excitement that I finally made a post featuring these awesome sneakers. I have been eyeing this pair since last year and they've launched it last summer. It is my current overused pair, even violating casual Fridays at work, wearing it. I've got it from my fave shoe brand made in the PH, Sheshe (formerly Sheos Manila). They make one of the comfiest shoes ever. Right now, I have three pairs from them. 

I was feeling all giddy while making this outfit post. It has been years, yes, two years exactly, since I made one. It feels good that the blogging world bounds for anything, anyone. I thank all those who give time dropping by my blog and read my posts.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. 
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Love, AnDi xx

Martes, Hunyo 6, 2017

Weekend: Movie Night

Admit it, when you hear of the word weekend, something inside of you makes you giddy and excited, especially when you work 8 hours or more a day, five or more days a week. I for one, work 8 hours a day and 5 days in a week that's why I am looking forward to weekends.

Weekends could be spent in many ways. Traveling, getting a new hobby, shopping but most of us stay in the comforts of our home. Like our family for instance, We enjoy staying at home. We bake and cook our meals, watch fave anime series, One Piece, we play games online and our favorite of all, we watch movies.

Watching movies has now been very convenient to all of us who wants to stay home and watch new flicks without visiting the cinemas. A big thanks to sites like Pure Flix, we can now catch up with new or old flicks by just staying online. They're currently offering a free, one-month trial of their family-friendly movies service, you can click for more details here.

Movie nights are best enjoyed in different ways. Mine comes in three. 

First, I make sure to prepare snacks and it's a no-brainer actually I always grab some popcorn and drinks. Just pop it on the microwave oven and grab some drinks in the fridge and we're all set for our snacks.

Secondly, I make sure we have a comfy couch. Aside from the comfort of the couch alone, I make sure to get some blanket for my husband and my daughter and lots of pillows so we're all extra comfy. 

And lastly, some good company. Movie nights are not just meant to kill boredom but also a great bonding time with the family. My husband and I are both movie junkies with different genres but we agreed on taking turns when picking a movie and ending up liking each others choices.

I hope you all enjoyed this short post of mine. Let me know about your movie essentials below. 
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Love, AnDi xx

Miyerkules, Oktubre 5, 2016

Grown Up List

As we reach a point in our lives realizing how time flies and a new chapter opens, I can't help but wonder if there is still a need to plan for the future ahead. I, myself, is a big fan of making to-do lists especially when I have lots of errands to do or reports to make then and now which is synonymous with planning. It helped me a lot to meet deadlines and manage the time I was given. I actually have a list of things to do before I turn 25 that I made five years ago. It consists of actual grown-up stuff that some I have already ticked off from my list. 

Today, my year long hiatus from blogging ends as I finally had the time to make a comeback post after getting married and welcoming our first born. Yes. I am now enjoying my days of being a wife and mom all rolled into one that made me realize to make this post. As I experience new things presently, the motherly spirit inside of me tends to make me want to share to all of you a generic grown up list. 

First, choose your career path. From the course you will take in college to the company you wish to work with is essential. Another big factor are your hobbies and interest. Since it will be part of your daily routine, you have to consider if you'll want to do the same things in the longer run, and to have a long term work relationship with your team. Also, You'll not just choose a certain career path because it is your dream job but you'll have to undergo a trial and error as some things you've never imagined to do before certainly fits you now. Who would imagine that a shy and quiet type like me would actually fit being in the frontline of a financial institution? You'll never know until you try new things. So try to broaden your horizon. Don't be afraid to make mistakes because you'll definitely learn from them. 

After choosing your career path, learn to save money. Setting aside a certain amount from your paycheck is important. You'll always need to save for future use. Start saving a small percentage then add gradually as the years go by. You'll surprise yourself in the future. Learn and practice the income equation:


Earning for a living is not just for paying bills and daily needs. Every now and then learn to reward yourself. Schedule a shopping trip to the mall, a dinner out with friends and family, a movie date or travel to places you've never been to, you choose, as long as you won't break the bank. Work with a certain budget. You'll appreciate what you earn if you reward yourself once in a while. 

Life is not just work and play. You'll have to do actual grownup stuff like making yourself and your future secure through investments. You can use a certain percentage of your savings by investing. May it be getting a property under your name or buying stocks from the market or opening your own business or investing on other financial institution offered products or even enrolling to earn your another degree.  There's lots of things to make your future secure besides having a savings account. Sites like Personal Capital can offer helpful financial tools that can make budgeting for these big decisions a lot easier to manage.

Lastly, learn to live life to the fullest and put God in the center of everything. A lot of things have gone through my life and I never regretted the mistakes I made in the past because of every blessings I have been receiving then and now. Every little things that comes to us may it be good or bad is a blessing from up above. We have rough days to remind us that God knows we're strong enough to get through them. And we have good days to that tells us, we deserve these things in life. Always be thankful for it no matter how big or small of a blessing it is.

Planning or making to-do lists doesn't mean you should limit your life in it. You could still add or lessen it to your heart's content. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post despite the lack of pictures. Will make it up to you guys in my coming posts. Yes. You read that right. *wink*


Love, AnDi xx

Linggo, Oktubre 18, 2015

Wash Day Diaries: Prints

Oh how I miss my school days, especially the times when I get to dress up. The night before, I always plan what I will wear for the next day. When I was still young (as in, early college days), I used to play safe when it comes to dressing up for school. I usually go for a pair of jeans and collared top then I am already good to go. My style evolved from over-the-top, like when I actually thought that wearing pink from head to toe was cool, to minimalist, as wearing plain, solid colored top, with neutral flats and pair of jeans, then to my present style mantra, which is thinking out of the box, appropriately.

I learned how to mix and match prints, to block the right color palette, to dress appropriately and to accessorize.

One of my dress code dilemmas then was choosing the right, school appropriate prints. There were so many to choose from, paisley, floral, scarf print, stripes, polka dots, etc. But the tricky part is, pairing it with the right top or bottoms. With this, I'm going to share the things I always consider when choosing the coordinate to match le print.

Top and Denim Vest: 168 Mall, Bag: Zalora,
Jeans: The SM Store and Sandals: Forever 21

First is color scheme of the print. It is always safe to pair printed ensembles with neutral colors but it's going to be plain old boring if you will not try to experiment. For this particular outfit of mine, I've got four colors; mint green, pink, purple and white. With this palette, I was able to use a white top, purple bag, pink sandals and a necklace in mint green, pink and white. As I am a pastel lover, I never had the difficulty in getting all the color scheme paired with.

It was a big day for my sister as I worn these particular coordinates. It's both comfy and stylish. Why include this in my wash day dairies? I say, if I was still going to school, this would prolly be one of my fave ensembles that I could wear.

Top & Jeans: CaLee Shoppe, Accessories: The SM Store and Shoes: Primadonna 

Secondly, the type of print. I don't want to go overboard when I wear something with a heavy print. In this case, the top is a mixture of floral and texture prints. I opted to pair it with a dark pair of jeans and white sneaks to balance out the print.

It was a pretty crazy military parade when I wore this, so I made sure I was comfortable in what I wear. But of course, never sacrifice style that I still got away by wearing my fave acrylic beaded necklace matching it with my acrylic watch.

Prints are definitely one of my favorite things I love working with when it comes to dressing up. It gives me this one slight effort to think how to work an ensemble with it, as it conveys as a starting line of your ootd.

That is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed it.
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Much Love,

Lunes, Agosto 31, 2015

Sunny Essentials

After a long week of being at work or school to some, weekends are our outlet for a few days of R&R. Beach trips, shopping galore, bar hopping, picnics, stay-cations and road trips. Among the few things I have mentioned, road trips are prolly my favorite. I enjoy long drives. Sharing story with your loved ones, listening to your favorite playlist, sight seeing along the road and the most exciting part, spontaneous stop-overs are the real deal when it comes to road trips.

And for weekend trips to push through, preparedness is the key. Besides from the basic necessities we need (e.g. food, toiletries, first aid & emergency kit and clothing) I specifically have four (4) essential things I always bring with me whenever we hit the road.

First, is a camera. I'm such a sentimental person so the memories alone are not enough for me to keep, I need hard copy evidences of such mushy moments I share with my loved ones. I always keep with me this handy dslr of mine.

Second, is a bottled drinking water. We need to be hydrated at all times especially with the hot summer weather or just by surviving not to starve to death in the middle of nowhere. For eco-friendly purposes, I have my own kitty water bottle container so I will just have to refill it every time I'd be allowed and able to.

Third, is a wallet with cold hard cash and an emergency credit or debit cards when you run out of. You simply just can't leave the house without it, what more on a road trip when you'll need it for the gas money, food, other expenses and even to go and pee on a well maintained private comfort room.

And last but definitely not the least, is a pair of prescription sunglasses. I actually have three pairs, one kept inside the car, another one inside my bag and the third one kept in my drawer at home whenever I feel the need to use it instead of the second one in my bag or the first one inside the car. These are really important for our eyes to be protected at all times, considering we get long drive trips mostly on summer days when the sun is scorching hot.

And that concludes today's post. I hope this would help road trip enthusiasts-wanna-be to survive it. We still have a few long weekends for the year making it easier to give time for a must R&R trips.

Also, I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to drop by my ig account for more instagram worthy photos.


Much love,
AnDi xx

Sabado, Agosto 1, 2015

A Year Older

Gaining new experiences, life lessons, memories to be kept and forgotten and even a person who'd take and love you deeply are just a few things I was able to get for the past year. And now that I'm nearing the silver age, I can't help but to take it all in and to think of what I can do and should do in the hopes of having my dreams and future endeavors come true. (Oh, How I love that my last line yet again rhymes, having not done it on purpose.)

I turned twenty four, two months ago and the pressure keeps ticking on me every time. I have adapted and embraced my cramming and running around at work on busy days, my dinner nights at home with fam when I have to attend to kitchen and dish washing duties, and neglecting my time I should have given to family, friends and the love of my life that I wasted on being sick days.

Today, I realized that shopping will no longer cover this thing that I'm feeling right now. It is now time take into consideration what life offered me and use it as something that would push me beyond my limits. I do admit that lazy days still kicks in once in a while and attending to busy days neglects my whole well-being, having been sick every now and then. But seeing everyone who surrounds me taught me what to need and want in life is all fairy tale-like. It's the part when you thought you've already reached your happy ending, but there is more beyond that happy ending. 

But before we have that heart-to-heart talk on what awaits beyond our happily ever after, I now reach the point of the post of sharing to you guys what I wore on my twenty fourth birthday.

Mesh dress used as top: Ripples by Jenny, Skirt: Thrifted,
Belt: SM Kids' Accessories and Floral Sneakers: Bonita y Elegante 

As I was making this post, I also realized that I lost my February files already. Good thing I was able to save this single full body outfit picture of mine.

We all know how the mesh in between trend has circulated in the later part of 2014. It's one of the most genius ideas I've embraced for showing some skin but not really showing actual skin at all. I got this dress last December online from Ripples by Jenny, it was too short for me. So, I layered it with this skirt in a fun print and color and secured it with a belt. As for my new pair to be abused, it's actually a fun idea how I got this. For our Christmas kringle at the office, my manita asked me what I wanted to get. I was clueless then until I saw this on Bonita y Elegante's ig feed. I was not sure if it would fit but still gave it a try. To cut the story short, I shopped for my own Christmas kringle gift. Hahaha! Too bad I wasn't able to take a closer picture of it. But to tell you honestly, it's the prettiest floral sneaks I've seen, with pastel floral prints that surely made me want and need to get it.

Back to what awaits after the so-called happily ever after, we cannot deny the fact that every single one of us goes through ups and downs that shakes us back to reality. May it be after finding the prince charming of our dreams, reaching a certain goal you've worked hard for years, proving someone or everyone your worth in this crazy world of ours, it all has post transitions that we need to revive ourselves again in order to have that repeat happily ever after.

All I'm saying is, being happy and contented is all we desire in life but it all varies on each one of us. It all boils down on until when would we be able to hold those dreams to become what we want to become, to follow the path in which to take, and to make decisions that may or may not be the best idea but still works for you in the end. 

This post is quite long than my usuals. I've been really emotional a lot lately with being sick and all.

And that concludes my blogpost for today. I hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to hype this look of mine on lookbook here. 


Much love,
AnDi xx